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For a one time showing of
"Truth about ObamaCare"
on March 6th - 2014
THURSDAY, 03/06, 6:30 to 8:30 PM,
Canyon Trails Cowboy Church
3132 White Bear Road, Sedona, 86336


This video features C. Steven Tucker,

President of “Small Business Insurance Services” in

Chicago, “subject matter expert” on the law, quoted

by Fox Business, Wall Street Journal, Fortune Small

Business and key note speaker on ObamaCare statutes.


Talking points of the DVD are:

  • Define and explain the uninsured in America
  • Define and explain pre-existing conditions and discuss the 
  • status of the “Invincibles” and their interest
  • Define and explain taxes will be levied on individuals and on 
  • small businesses
  • Define and explain how Medicaid will cover individuals and how 
  • Arizona taxpayers will participate
  • Define and explain how Medicare will be administered, funded 
  • and how doctors and hospitals will be affected.

(new update)
After the video: Senator Al Melvin (candidate for Governor) and Rep. Adam Kwasman (CD! candidate for Congress) will also be there to discuss solutions, as will Ivan Kuipers and Kathy Nelms, local insurance professionals.



Petition to Ban Smart Meters in Sedona
Please use this link and sign our petition, also remember to individually "opt out" with APS.

On June 19, 2013, the City Council, by a 4-3 vote, directed staff to prepare a statement for the Arizona Corporation to allow the Sedona community to opt-out without penalties.  Read more ...

Lastly, there is a City Council meeting in regard to "smart" meters scheduled for 02/20/14 at 2 pm.

This is our chance to let our councilors whom we elected to represent our best interests, rather than any personal agenda they may have.

Tea Party


AHC  - ObamaCare

021314 - Food Police 
011014 - Dad ‘Furious’ After He Switches to Obamacare - It Won’t Cover His Children 

012714 -  Preventing Disaster - see video on prepping page
012514 - Arizona GOP group seeks to censure McCain over 'liberal' voting record 
U.S Representative Allen West
Special interview with Allen West who served as a US Representative and is a 22 year veteran of the military where he earned the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

See Article by Sedona Tea Party Member...

Unmasking Liberalism on the Arizona Range
by Dan Dagget

Dan talks about how liberal environmentalism of arid rangeland makes it even more baren and prone to more in this article...

liberal environmentalism of arid rangeland makes it even more baren and prone to more in this article...
Getting our federal lands transferred to us like the Constitution intended would solve so many of our problems.  We could get our timber, cattle and mining up and running again; we could have funds for schools, prisons and public safety; we could secure the border by placing a fence along our private state land border.  We could get a lot more jobs and get our forests healthy again.  If you are not familiar with American Lands Council, I suggest you go to their website and check it out. Please click on their link “A tale of two States” comparing a state that has most all their land held privately vs a western state where the feds control most of the land. We were shorted at statehood big time, and it is time to set things right.   Learn more on this link ...

American Lands Council
Connect with your legislators today. Contact Congress, see how your vote compares with theirs. 
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New 2012 Redistricting Lines

Sedona District Changes
State Legislative Positions - District 6
US Congressional Positions - District 1